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Decorative wall cladding and stone mosaics

Rhino Rock can supply a range of attractive wall cladding for customers looking for something unique.

The following images show a small sample of wall finishes in natural stone such as Granite, Limestone, Travertine and Jade.
These products would be made to order and lead time is around 10 weeks from confirmation and payment of your order.

Most of the stone mosaics shown here are supplied on 'mesh backed' tiles measuring 15 cm x 15 cm x 1 cm thick for easy application, and inter-lock for a seamless appearance.
The sculptured stone mosaics are supplied loose and adhered to the wall piece by piece. This style of mosaic can be supplied in a variety of natural stone.
Samples of many of these stone mosaics are on display at our retail centre.

The final images on this page illustrate an Ultra-Thin cladding system where natural stone is cut to 7 mm thickness and backed with 1 mm of fibreglass, resulting in a flexible light weight panel.
These are available in standard sheet size of 1.20 m x 2.40 m and can be used on walls and floors to great effect.

Please contact us to discuss your project.

Wall cladding would be delivered on a pallet - please see Delivery Information for details.

Basket weave cladding     Wall cladding     

Basket weave cladding     Wall cladding     

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