RHINO ROCK llp, Tel/Fax: 01622 872403, info@rhinorock.co.uk

RHINO ROCK llp, Tel/Fax: 01622 872403, info@rhinorock.co.uk       info@rhinorock.co.uk

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RHINO ROCK stocks an attractive range of feature stones in all sizes to suit any garden. We have years of experience in selecting stone groupings, and standing stone arrangements and offer this service to our customers.

Clients are welcome to select their own pieces and view the groupings at our specialist centre before purchase. Alternatively, we can send good quality digital images of the grouping to you by e-mail.

We encourage customers to contact us with their specific requirements so that we can select the right stone for the project.

We do not offer on-line ordering for feature stones, as each piece or grouping is unique and priced individually.

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Click on any image to view a larger photograph and for more detailed product information.

Prices do not include the delivery charge.
This will be added automatically at the checkout - please see Delivery Information for details on how this is calculated.

feature stone Blue grey granite feature stones

Attractive feature stones in our Blue grey granite.
Carefully selected to work well together in groupings, and in a range of sizes to suit the space where they are to be positioned.
Expect to pay from £135 for a three stone grouping, depending on size.
purple slate Purple slate feature stones

Ideal for standing stone groupings and carefully selected to work visually together.
The base colour is purple, but with many other colours such as cream, brown, and ochre running through the stone.
Expect to pay from £185 for a three stone grouping, depending on size.
chinese taihu rock Chinese Taihu stone

These unusual pieces of rock are 'harvested' from Lake Taihu in China.
Each piece is unique and a natural work of art.
Individually priced, with limited availability.
gniess boulders Gniess boulders

These are glacial boulders with strong colour banding running through the rocks.
Ideal for stone groupings.
These are priced individually.